Long Course Details

It is the responsibility of all competitors to study all Course maps. Marshals or signs will be located at key junctions, but don't rely on them to get you around the course.

Kayak & SUP (11 km)

Kayak or SUP 2 laps of Lake Ototoa, anticlockwise around the buoys.
  • Wash hanging is permitted
  • Kayakers may be assisted into and out of their kayaks
  • Lifejackets/buoyancy aid or a PFD must be worn at all times on the water
  • Paddlers need to be able to self-rescue in the event of capsize


Mountain Bike (25 km)

Note: this is a new layout for the mountain bike course for 2016

Riders tackle an extended lap of the northern section of Woodhill Forest. There is a single track section at the Southern End of the course, which is on hard packed sand. The course is relatively easy riding until you reach the most northern end of the loop, make sure you leave fuel in the tank for the grade 4 hill climb.

  • The Forestry Roads are open to other vehicle traffic
  • You must adhere to New Zealand road rules
  • Cyclists must wear an approved cycling helmet


Shoe Science Albany - Run (10 km)

ShoeScience.pngOnce off the bike, the final leg sees everyone head back into the forest for an off-road run comprising of mainly gravel roads and sand based single track. 

  • All course marks must be followed – no short cuts
  • Runners may not be paced or have an escort
  • There are no drink-stations on the course – take adequate fluid

Thank you to our sponsors of the South Head Challenge

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